Panties, used socks, shoes and other items…

Custom voice clips $5 per minute

Custom video clip $10 per minute

Chewed gum $12 + $3 shipping (Free pick up)

Licked lollipop $20 + $3 shipping (Free pick up)

Well worn flip flop sandals $35 + $5 shipping (Free pick up)

Worn flat shoes i have worn these almost daily for 2 years so they are well worn and smell just like my feet! $55 + $5 shipping (Free pick up)

Feminization Package:
Let me turn you into a little girl and make you an impotent little sissy for my amusement! This is a 3 month subscription

You can also request just about anything and we will see what i can do. Leave a comment or send me a yahoo message (if you know my id)

3 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Hello Gorgeous Mistress,

    I’m wondering whether you sell your used panties that you’ve cum in?
    Also, I’ve sent you a message on collarspace.

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