Hi cunt! I am a true Goddess, you may ask yourself who is this bitch? Shes another money hungry domme who just wants money… the list could go on and on really. I am who i say i am and yes some of what i ask will require some money but what i do and what i am about has nothing to do with your money. I work i provide for myself i dont need your money to live i dont ned you for that matter, i pay my own fucking bills and i dont need bitches… I am a naturally dominant female I exude confidence and i command obedience. I love power and bending bitches like you to my will and that is why I do this. I love sissy training, humiliating men and taking your money because i deserve it… YOU DESERVE NOTHING! My true passion is taking ordinary losers and turning them out and making my real like hoes so I can watch the money you make me stack up not because i need it but because i want it and you WANT to give it to me.

I adore anything teal, pink or purple, I am addicted to Tom Ford right now and i love Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. I am a huge perfume fanatic i always smell amazing! I love make up, I adore MAC, Chanel, Too Faced, Tom Ford and Guerlain especially! I enjoy waking up to finding a gift in my inbox its a fabulous way to start my day.

I love having my nails done, a fresh pedi and my hair all done up. I love being pampered and making one of my errand boys rub my feet or fetch things for me.

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