Site updates

Check out all the new goodies i have added for you bitches. Take a minute to learn more about me, call me on niteflirt (links now on the call page) send me a message on NF and i will send you a free minute to talk to me! Send me a gift on NF or as an email a long with a message on NF and i will reward you with 5 free minutes!!!

You can also check out the shop page and purchase all sorts of goodies! Have request just leave a comment and I will see what i can do…

Your obsession

This is your last chance to ask, for permission
This addiction can’t be fixed, with a prescription
don’t you love the way it stings, humiliation
you know control requires, your submission
This is your last chance to make, a confession
I’ll wear you around my neck, you’re my possession
you love the way it taste, your humiliation
you know you cant deny, I’m your obsession

Hello bitches!

Goddess is back and will have a whole new agenda, attitude and all new content. I finally got my site back up after having lost everything…. so all that is gone I will be starting fresh. I will be adding pictures very soon! I am so ready to get back in to everything I had so much fun over the years and look forward to starting new ventures with you sissies, sluts, fags and what not!

Crops and kisses to all you bitches